Mission, vision, values

Mission, vision, values


To offer the best commercial and private banking and asset management services to all customers seeking experience, solvency, profitability, proximity and security.


To earn our clients’ trust through the professional excellence of our employees, the development of advanced products and a history of more than 85 years in order to gain recognition as one of the world’s leading financial centres for private and retail banking and asset management.

The values of Andorran banks

Andorra’s commitment to the international community is the bedrock of the country’s vision, which has been key to activating the transformation of the Principality and its economic development.

Within this context, the Andorran banking sector has worked hard to prepare for a variety of future challenges, particularly as they relate to adapting services and processes to the highest international standards in order to compete under equal conditions with the world’s leading financial markets.


Professionalism and quality

With over 85 years of experience, the highly qualified professionals who work in the banking sector are held to the highest standards in order to bring the very best quality products and services to clients.

International expansion and value added

The Andorran banking sector has evolved and grown stronger thanks to high value added services, lengthy experience in the asset management sector and strong international expansion, combined with sustainable and profitable growth.


Andorran banks act with honesty, loyalty and integrity to uphold the reputation of the Andorran financial system and preserve the trust of clients, professionals, institutions, markets and society at large.

Responsibility and solidarity

The banking sector has dedicated years of work to volunteer policies related to corporate social responsibility based on responsible growth and a commitment to society.


Consistently high solvency ratings are one of the defining characteristics of Andorran banks and a true reflection of a prudent and conservative management policy.

Ideal fiscal framework

Andorra has modernised and consolidated its fiscal framework to make it competitive with other countries. However, the country’s fiscal competitiveness has been preserved in the homologation process.

Transparency and homologation

Andorra has undergone a profound transformation, working tirelessly to put a modern and transparent legal framework in place, comparable with those existing in other countries and financial centres and fully compliant with the highest international standards.


Andorra is known for its stable political and social environment and high levels of security.

Competitiveness and innovation

Andorra is continuously working to reinforce its traditional economic pillars while also encouraging the creation of new sectors of activity. The business-friendly environment, multilingual educational system, different types of residential options available and the quality of life are all factors that add to the country’s appeal.