Loss, theft and protection

Report the loss or theft of your card immediately so it can be deactivated.

Call your bank:
Andbank: +376 739 039
Morabanc: TELEBANC +376 884 884
Creand: +376 888 700
  • Notify the police immediately in order to file a claim for compensation in case of fraudulent use.
  • Review the movements in your account periodically to prevent unlawful charges.


Using cards to make purchases in shops:

    • Remember that you must sign the back of the card in order for it to be valid.
    • Do not let the card out of your sight when making a payment.
    • Show your ID when making the payment.

For online card purchases:

When making purchases online we recommend that you use websites that have virtual TPVs with Verified by Visa or MasterCard Secure Code technology.

For ATM operations:

  • Do not enter your secret number if there is anyone very close to you.
  • Do not leave any documents with your bank account details or your credit card numbers at the ATM.
  • If the ATM retains the card for no apparent reason and/or you observe any anomaly, immediately inform the bank that owns the ATM.